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26 08, 2014

Have you Heard of Passive House Windows? Find Out How They Can Help Your Home

We recently added Passive House windows to our roster of superior products we offer, but what are they and how can they affect your home? Let’s take a look:

When we talk about Passive House windows and doors, we are talking about windows and doors that meet certain insulation and energy-efficient standards. Passive Homes, which in essence, means homes that are built “air-tight” and only require minimum heating and cooling, are being built all around [...]

17 08, 2014

New York City Windows and Doors | Winter is Coming! Are you Ready?

Winter is coming! Summer is flying by and before we know it, our cold, New York winter will be upon us. Are you ready? Are your windows and doors ready? As New Yorkers, we know how to bundle up efficiently to stay warm when we brave the cold temperatures outside, but no one likes to have to bundle up in the home or at work. If your windows and doors are not working properly, [...]

10 08, 2014

New York City Window Repair | This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Glass!

There was a time when glass was just glass. For the most part, every home had basically the same glass in their windows. Fortunately, as our understanding grew and our technology advanced, we have been able to create glass that can meet the needs of any family. Is your main priority energy efficiency? There’s a glass for that! Or is your main goal to drown out the city sounds outside of your home or [...]

3 08, 2014

New York City Windows | Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

NOAA recently updated their hurricane predictions for 2014 to a “below normal season”. We always like to hear this, but in our area, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst. While NOAA’s current predictions indicate a slower hurricane season, it’s hard to forecast every tropical storm. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you should think about as we head into hurricane season here in New York.

A “below normal [...]