Electronic or Smart Glass is Amazing, Tap into the Technology

Electronic glass, or E-Glass, is the revolutionary new switchable glazing technology that marries glass with electronics, turning them into windows, doors and skylights that give you full control of light, sun glare and heat gain with the touch of a button!

Window-Fix® is proud to be an authorized E-Glass dealer.  Window-Fix® is proud to be an authorized E-Glass dealer.

E-Glass can also be produced using various types of glass including low iron, impact-resistant, irregular shapes and bent glass. All E-Glass products are powered with ordinary 110 VAC power and use a small amount of current to activate them.

E-Glass is available worldwide in a variety of configurations for new construction or retrofit application:

  • As a simple laminated glass
  • As an insulated glass unit for installation into existing windows, doors, and skylights
  • As a comletely framed, factory-glazed, pre-wired window or skylight, ready for installation
  • Also available in attack-rated and bullet-resistant configurations (approved up to UL Level 8)

Window-Fix® is proud to be an authorized E-Glass dealer. Window-Fix® is proud to be an authorized E-Glass dealer.

Window-Fix provides custom installation and will coordinate with your contractors to ensure a successful end result. All products are custom manufactured to your specifications, are UL-approved, and usually take between 4-8 weeks for delivery. All E-Glass products carry a 5-year warranty.


  • E-Glass products are produced with one (or both) of 2 core technologies – either SPD SmartGlass film, or Liquid Crystal film (LC Glass). Each film has different properties and is suitable for different applications. These electrically switchable films are then laminated between two or more pieces of glass and are used in various architectural products. Both E-Glass products can even be combined within the same unit for maximum efficiency in light control AND privacy!
  • SPD SmartGlass is a dynamically variable, instantly reactive, glazing technology that changes from clear to a dark blue tint which gives you the ability to “tune” the amount of light and sunglare streaming through a window or skylight. The tint level is infinitely adjustable – as opposed to simply ON/OFF – and it has a very wide dynamic light transmission range (can block out over 99.5% of light transmission in its “OFF” state). This allows you to instantly control the heat gain and view quickly and effectively.
  • LC Glass is an instantly switchable privacy product that allows instant change in the glass, from clear to frosted white, and achieve 100% privacy – within seconds! LC Glass is well suited to front entrance-ways, sidelites, windows, skylights, conference rooms and partitions.

Window-Fix® can supply, install, and repair any type of window to meet any of your window performance needs.